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R.W. Martin Company Appoints Scalise to New Position

As acquisitions, inventory manager, will oversee pre-owned inventory purchases, develop processes for inventory management

KENT, Ohio — R.W. Martin Company Inc., which provides textile equipment sales, expertise, parts, and equipment manufacturing, reports it has appointed Steve Scalise to the position of acquisitions and inventory manager.

In this new position, he will oversee the purchase of pre-owned inventory and further develop strategic management processes for current inventory. 

Scalise previously served as director of construction and store products at Jo-Ann Fabrics and as vice president of field operations for Provantage Corporate Solutions.

Scalise says he foresees “a lot of opportunities to increase the amount of pre-owned equipment that is purchased, in turn, allowing [R.W. Martin] to have more inventory readily available to sell to customers.”

According to Chip Ottman, president of R.W. Martin, Scalise’s knowledge of project management, processes and procedures came to the forefront when deciding to welcome him to the team. 

When it come to the role, Ottman believes Scalise “brings a ‘big picture’ perspective to our acquisition and inventory management.”

Both Scalise and Ottman are looking forward to the future of the role. The company says processes and procedures jump started by Scalise have already had a positive impact.