Prudential Overall Supply Completes Labor Agreement with UNITE HERE

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IRVINE, Calif. — Prudential Overall Supply has reached a new labor agreement with UNITE HERE that provides employees with expanded pay and benefits, the company reports.
The three-year contract affects employees in seven California plants, including Van Nuys, Carson, Cerritos, Riverside, Vista, and two Los Angeles locations. The agreement provides employees with pay increases and enhancements to benefits, and settles all outstanding contract issues between Prudential and UNITE HERE, the company says.
“Prudential Overall Supply has been a family-owned and -operated employer for more than 75 years, and we have always had a strong commitment to our employees,” says Tom Watts, president of Prudential Overall Supply. “We are one of the highest-paying firms in our very competitive business.”
Watts also says that being fair to employees is essential to Prudential’s ability to maintain the quality of service that its customers expect.
“It took a lot of hard work and many months to reach this agreement,” says Watts. He noted that during the contract talks, the union sometimes employed tactics that were intended to upset the business, and that this is, unfortunately, to be expected in some contract negotiations. “We worked hard to minimize the impact on our employees, and I can assure you that it had no effect on the service we provide to our customers.”
As a result of this agreement, UNITE HERE is ending all such efforts and is now working cooperatively with Prudential to ensure the company’s business remains strong, Watts adds.
“I want to thank all of our customers, friends and associates for their support through this process,” says Watts. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the same, high level of service they have always received from Prudential Overall Supply.”

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