New Testing Protocols Introduced for Hygienically Clean Certification

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Companies seeking Hygienically Clean Certification will now have to undergo “new, more stringent” testing protocols, according to the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA). The Hygienically Clean Advisory Board partnered with TRSA to develop the independent certification program, which helps commercial laundry facilities processing healthcare linens to “ensure quantifiable hygienic outcomes.”

Individuals on the board represent various segments of healthcare and healthcare laundry, and many of them were drawn from TRSA’s membership, according to the association.

The initial step in obtaining the Hygienically Clean Certification involves submitting two random textiles to an independent laboratory approved by TRSA, and passing bacteriological testing in three consecutive rounds. An inspection prior to the testing is also required.

From there, companies will need to pass regularly scheduled testing protocols—including the Replicate Organism Detection and Counting (RODAC) microbiological test—four times a year instead of the previous twice-a-year protocol. Also incorporated in the new testing protocols is United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 62, a test for seven microorganisms commonly found in healthcare environments. Companies looking to be certified will need to submit to this test twice a year.

In addition, recommendations for best practices for transportation and storage of clean linens are offered as part of the program.

“The Advisory Board has worked extensively with TRSA members, scientific experts and clients to advance and refine best practices for the safe and hygienic cleaning of healthcare textiles from a commercial laundry,” says Randy Bartsch, CEO, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc., and head of the Advisory Board.

“The new testing procedure builds on the successful certification programs developed by TRSA to best address the needs of the healthcare facilities. Hygienically Clean Certification adds value to the commercial laundries that earn it and confidence to the organizations that opt to work with these certified laundries.”


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