NELA in Midst of Centennial Celebration This Year


NELA laundry truck image
Vintage laundry truck, date unknown. (Courtesy NorthEast Laundry Association)

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MALDEN, Mass. — The NorthEast Laundry Association (NELA), which represents textile supply and service companies in New England, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

NELA members provide, clean, and maintain reusable textile products—including uniforms, sheets, table linen, floor mats, mops, and other items—to businesses in many industries.

The textile services industry has focused on becoming more energy-efficient by finding ways to reuse water, and by using high-capacity, high-speed laundry equipment. Many of the association’s laundries, as well as their suppliers, are family-owned and date back multiple generations.

“NELA members take pride in providing products and services to businesses which enable the business to have a clean and safe environment and appearance,” says NELA Executive Director Linda J. Guild, CAE.

The association’s yearlong celebration will culminate at its annual fall conference on Sept. 21-23 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston. NELA will recognize the considerable accomplishments and growth of the industry.

The location was chosen “because many of the early anniversaries were held at the Statler Building, the precursor to the Park Plaza," says NELA President Leo P. Villari Jr. “So, in many ways, NELA is going back to where it first began.”


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