Linen Inventory Article is Recommended Reading

I am writing to express my appreciation for the cover article featured in the September 2006 issue of American Laundry News (LN).
The article entitled Readiness, Regularity Take Dismay Out of Taking Stock and authored by Michi Trota, an editorial assistant for LN, was comprehensive in content and vividly presented.
Her rendering of the Encompass Textiles and Interiors’ presentation, given during the most recent NAILM [National Association of Institutional Linen Management] audio conference, captured all of the salient aspects of conducting a physical linen inventory within a hospital.
She related that taking inventory “...isn’t always at the top of everyone’s ‘to-do list’...” despite the fact that the results provide several management benefits that add up in dollars and augmented customer service.
In relating the multiple benefits of conducting physical inventories, the LN reporter conveyed some sage advice for minimizing the hardship factor. She discussed five simple steps in organizing a successful inventory, and followed up by cautioning that too many people appointed to the task can make the process more confusing (i.e., “more is not merrier”).
In all, the article provided an array of helpful insights for enhancing the inventory environment and making the process more enjoyable.
I intend to pass this article on to the textile services managers at all of the U.S. Army Medical Command hospitals throughout the world.
As the Army’s corporate program manager for environmental services, I am recommending it as a reference guide for use when conducting physical linen inventories.
Michi Trota rendered an excellent report based on a most comprehensively researched presentation by the Encompass Textiles & Interiors representatives during the NAILM audio conference.
Thank you for your fine newspaper!Gerald B. Stepman, MS, CHESPMEDCOM Program ManagerEnvironmental ServicesU.S. Army Medical CommandFort Sam Houston, Texas


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