Lavatec Inc. Now Headquarters for Lapauw of America

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U.S. company to promote Belgium-based manufacturer’s full product range

NAUGATUCK, Conn. — Lavatec Inc. has become affiliated with Belgium-based manufacturer Lapauw and is now the headquarters for Lapauw of America, according to Bruce Burmann, vice president of sales for Lavatec Inc.

Lavatec Inc. provides Lapauw with a “major hub for the sales and service of its machines in the U.S. market as well as South America, Central America and Canada,” he says.

The agreement, which was established in close cooperation with Goudkuil Laundry Machinery (which acquired Lavatec Inc. in 2011), brings Lapauw in as a “main investor,” Burmann adds.

Lavatec Inc.’s sales network will promote the complete Lapauw product range, which includes flatwork ironers, feeders, folders, washer-extractors and tunnel finishers.

Lapauw is seeking to further enhance its after-sales service in the American market. Lavatec Inc.’s technicians will receive extensive training on Lapauw machines. A local service unit will not only enable the continuance of service toward existing and new Lapauw customers, Burmann says, it will enable the enhancement of service in terms of local spare parts stock and availability of engineers.

Lavatec Inc. technicians will also be called upon to start up Lapauw installations in the American market.

“With Lavatec Inc., Lapauw immediately has over 42,000 square feet of manufacturing space at their disposal, which fits in perfectly with its close-to-the-market manufacturing strategy,” Burmann says.


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