InvoTech, T-Y Group Supply Linen Management Solution for Miami Hotel


InvoTech Systems partnered recently with linen supplier T-Y Group to provide Miami’s Grand Beach Hotel Surfside with 50,000 RFID-tagged linen items to help the hotel manage and maintain its inventory of towels, sheets and pillowcases. (Photo: Grand Beach Hotel Surfside)

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LOS ANGELES — InvoTech Systems has partnered with linen supplier T-Y Group in providing the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside, Miami, a linen inventory and tracking solution through the company’s UHF-RFID Linen System, InvoTech reports.

InvoTech says that it supplied 50,000 Fujitsu UHF-RFID laundry tags to T-Y Group. These were sewn into linens, including towels, sheets and pillowcases, and delivered to the hotel for use prior to its grand opening in November.

T-Y Group provided the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside with a linen inventory data file that “instantly updates” the hotel’s InvoTech system for “fast, easy implementation,” the company adds, and also installed its Linen System with a UHF-RFID Laundry Cart Reading Station and touch-screen monitor in the hotel’s loading dock.

“The Reading Station instantly counts and records entire carts of both soiled laundry and clean linens from up to 8 feet away,” the company says. “InvoTech automates linen inventory tracking and recordkeeping for each item sent to the laundry and received clean, and provides accurate reports for laundry accountability.”

InvoTech also supplied the hotel with a wireless handheld RFID reader to help staff monitor and maintain linen storeroom par stocks, as well as its UHF-RFID Linen Inventory Reading Station, which the company says monitors linen aging to help the hotel “maintain high-quality control standards for guests.”

“T-Y Group installs the UHF-RFID tags securely and invisibly in their high-quality linens. We provide T-Y Group with a system to pre-define each item of linen inventory for customers before delivery,” says Jeff Welles, president of InvoTech Systems.

“InvoTech and T-Y Group made the implementation of the InvoTech Linen System easy for the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside,” says Jean-Michel Kling, the hotel’s general manager. “The system protects our assets and ensures that our high-value quality linens are always available for our hotel guests.”

Regarding T-Y Group’s partnership with InvoTech, Danny Tuaty, company president, says, “InvoTech’s Linen System is accurate and easy-to-use. It provides our customers with simplified, money-saving automated control of the high-quality linens that we provide.”


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