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finding the right mix
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ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — When striving toward a properly equipped hotel laundry facility, owners and operators have a number of factors to consider, including the right equipment mix, new technologies, types of machines and unique industry challenges.

The proper selection of commercial laundry equipment can have a significant impact on several key operational factors—namely time, money and utilities.

Hard-Mount vs. Soft-Mount Washer-Extractors

There are generally two types of washer-extractors: hard- or rigid-mount and soft-mount. Hard-mount machines cost less, but the installation can be expensive. Soft-mount machines may cost more initially, but are easier to install.

Soft-mount washer-extractors generally don’t need concrete supports, and the suspension system eliminates the need for machine bolt-down. Therefore, upgrading to high-speed washer-extractors can be accomplished without having to replace the existing floor, saving a day or two during the installation process.

Additionally, soft-mount washers can extract much more water than hard-mount washers. Certain soft-mount washer-extractors feature high-speed extraction of up to 350 G’s (G-force) to help cut energy usage and drying time.

An Additional Challenge

Unlike a long-term-care facility or athletic club, the linens and towels make up much of the hotel guest’s experience. If a hotel has scratchy, dirty or uncomfortable bed linens or towels, odds are the guest won’t be a repeat customer. For hotels, every time a guest checks in, the linens need to be in top shape to help ensure repeat customers.

Manufacturers realize this and are doing their part to develop chemical injection systems that take the guesswork out of laundry. By working closely with a local chemical supplier, hotel owners and operators can determine the appropriate type and amount of detergent needed to clean the laundry and meet resident or guest expectations. Incorporating a chemical injection system into the machine will help dispense the precise amount of detergent needed, which ensures the correct amount of chemicals are added to the water and helps guarantee clean laundry.

Check-Out Time

Maximizing the effectiveness of hotel laundry operations requires a good distributor partner, the proper mix and types of equipment and a solid understanding of industry challenges. An efficient laundry room can save a hotel money, time and utilities, positively affecting its bottom line.

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