HLAC Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Standards Changes

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Next revision of accreditation standards for processing healthcare textiles to take effect January 2016

FRANKFORT, Ill. — The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) is seeking public comment on proposed revisions to its 2011 Accreditation Standards for Processing Reusable Textiles for Use in Healthcare Facilities.

Proposed revisions on HLAC’s standards are displayed in three parts, and are open for public comment through surveys available at HLAC’s website. Public comments will be accepted through June 30.

The survey will ask participants if they agree or disagree with the revised standard, and the rationale for the decision, according to HLAC. Participants may comment on all revisions, or choose to comment only on revisions where their views, opinions or ideas are strongest.

“HLAC encourages all professionals who serve the healthcare industry, or use or process healthcare textiles, to participate in the survey and make responsible comments on the proposed revisions to the Standards,” says Gregory Gicewicz, HLAC president. “Your feedback is important, and HLAC will seriously consider all comments.”

The next revision of the HLAC Standards will become effective Jan. 1, 2016.

To access the proposed revisions of the HLAC Standards, and its accompanying survey, visit


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