Healthcare Laundry: New and Current Standards and Regulations

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NEW ORLEANS — While many entities are working on standards and regulations for the laundry industry concerning healthcare textiles and linens, a panel of experts, speaking during an Association for Linen Management educational session during Day 2 of Clean Show 2013, pointed out that technology often outpaces regulations. A healthcare facility and its laundry partner require an open flow of communication to maintain processes and standards that meet patients’ needs.

The three panelists were Thomas Schneid, a professor at Eastern Kentucky University, as well as an attorney representing businesses in OSHA hearings; Tom Scheidel, a health facility surveyor who has worked with the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; and Lynne Sehulster, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cindy Molko, director for linen and central services at Mayo Clinic and an instructor for ALM.

Touching on a wide range of topics, the panel spoke to a number of topics. All three spoke about their agencies’ roles in regulating the laundry industry, including who carries the burden for the regulations and how to improve processes both within the industry and within the regulatory agencies. Also touched on during the two-hour session: green and sustainability issues, superbugs, communication with the manufacturers of medical devices and textiles, the use of bleach and the need for common sense when it comes to laundering practices.

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