Fashion Seal Healthcare Donates 30,000 Garments to Haiti


Ervin Hosak, director of manufacturing for Fashion Seal Healthcare (second from left), is surrounded by students and instructors at a sewing training center in Haiti, where students are taught how to design and produce garments to find employment. The company recently donated 30,000 garments to the program through Global Missions Ministries and Matthew 25 International. (Photo: Fashion Seal Healthcare)

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SEMINOLE, Fla. — Fashion Seal Healthcare, a brand of Superior Uniform Group, has donated approximately 30,000 garments to Haiti through Global Missions Ministries and Matthew 25 International, the company reports.

Global Mission Ministries and Matthew 25 International work with various churches and organizations in bringing relief to the people of Haiti, the company says. The garments will be used in sewing training centers, where adult-sized garments are tailored into clothing for school-age children.

Students are presented with their own sewing machines after two years at the sewing training center, where they learn to design and produce garments. There are 12 sewing centers throughout Port Au Prince.

The training, when combined with the equipment, ensures these individuals can find employment, says Fashion Seal Healthcare.

“We would like to express our thanks to Fashion Seal Healthcare for helping us meet the needs of the poor,” says John Kimball, president of Matthew 25 International. “This generosity has not gone unnoticed and is allowing us to be ‘your hands’ extended to areas of great need.”

“Fashion Seal Healthcare is proud to support the residents of Haiti by donating clothes and giving its citizens the ability to learn a skill,” says Charles Sheppard, vice president of Global Sourcing & Distribution for Superior Uniform Group. “Supporting these on-the-ground charitable groups in this manner allows our donations to get directly into the hands of those who need them the most. Fashion Seal Healthcare has had a manufacturing presence in Haiti since 2007 and is steadfast in its support of self-sustaining charitable efforts.”


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