Dickies Occupational Wear Grows Key Segments, Expands into Canada

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FORT WORTH, Texas — The occupational wear division of Dickies is expanding its product offerings and geographical availability so that it can more fully and efficiently serve a growing customer base, the company reports.

Beginning this month, Dickies offers customers in the food service, hospitality and healthcare industries “head-to-toe” uniform options, including juniors sizing and footwear, as well as a full range of men’s and women’s uniform apparel needs.

In addition to servicing customers across the United States, the division now also provides workwear uniform solutions for customers across Canada.

“We’re pleased with the progress we’ve made in the last two years to provide our customers with deeper inventories, faster turnaround times and same-day service on Dickies’ core industrial product line,” says Alex Smith, senior vice president of occupational wear at Dickies. “The Dickies Workwear Delivered service model has been well received in the marketplace and our category expansion and entry into Canada is the natural next step.”

Dickies also plans to expand its healthcare presence later this year. The company services healthcare workers with uniforms and is now preparing to launch a full line of industrial laundry medical scrubs.

“Dickies has a strong retail presence in the scrub category,” Smith says. “We are excited to leverage that brand strength to offer an industrial laundry-friendly scrub line that will allow our customers to grow their healthcare business.”

A product launch for the tactical and government sectors is also planned this year.


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