CLEAN Powers Facility Through Installation of New Solar Panels

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ST. LOUIS — Industrial laundry service provider CLEAN has installed solar panels on the roof of its laundry facility and headquarters. The Missouri-based company says it placed 10,000 square feet of panels atop its downtown St. Louis facility on 7th Street, covering 25% of the 40,000 square feet of available roof space.

“An installation of this size will produce around 100,000 kilowatt-hours per year, which offsets 1,972 tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere over 25 years, in addition to about 6% of the St. Louis facility’s yearly energy usage,” says the company.

Because the installation covers 25% of available roof space, CLEAN is eligible for alternative energy rebates from the state, the company adds.

CLEAN partnered with Kansas City, Mo.-based solar energy company Brightergy for the St. Louis installation.

In addition to this recent effort, CLEAN has taken other “environmentally conscious” initiatives, including the installation of 5,000 square feet of solar panels at its O’Fallon, Mo., facility; ISO 14001 certification at all facilities; and the installation of wastewater treatment and recycling systems at its St. Louis facility, according to the company.


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