Clean ’11 Product Debuts: Proteus Solutions, Dickies Occupational Wear, Sobel Westex


Proteus Solutions
Proteus Solutions LLC, a joint venture between Standard Textile Co. and Diversey, presented the Proteus™ Activator Washing System.


Dickies Occupational Wear
“Dickies Workwear Delivered” is the company’s new service mode.


Sobel Westex
Sobel Westex is rolling the line out to its full range of customers.

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LAS VEGAS — Companies often use the Clean Show to unveil new products or services to the industry. Here is a sampling reported to American Laundry News:

Proteus Solutions: Proteus™ Activator Washing System

Proteus Solutions LLC, a joint venture between Standard Textile Co. and Diversey, presented the Proteus™ Activator Washing System.

The system combines a unique activator unit with proprietary chemistry to deliver a fully integrated laundry cleaning and sanitizing solution. The unit utilizes electro-chemically activated water to generate cleaning agents that are combined with specially formulated chemicals. Designed to fit within a customer’s existing facilities, the system makes water work harder to clean fabrics as well as, or even better than, current methods, the company claims.

The system is backed by Proteus Solutions’ deep knowledge of textiles and the laundry process to provide customers with a custom solution for their commercial laundry needs.

“The Proteus Activator Washing System enables customers to achieve exceptional laundry results with the confidence that it meets their stringent sanitation and hygiene standards,” says Gordon Little, Proteus Solutions general manager. “By delivering faster, more effective washing and drying cycles that utilize smaller amounts of chemicals and water, customers using the system are lowering their total cost of operation and improving the safety of their workers.”

Las Vegas-based Brady Industries recently installed the system at its large-scale laundry facility.

Dickies Occupational Wear: New Workwear Uniform Service Model

“Dickies Workwear Delivered” is the company’s new service model focused on product availability, improved distribution and customer service for Dickies’ Occupational Wear division. Beginning in August, Dickies’ revamped service will include faster delivery of core products with deeper inventory, providing customers increased confidence and trust of knowing when their products will arrive.

Key highlights to the new strategy include:

  • Sixteen of the most popular shirts, pants, jeans, shorts and jackets will always remain in stock. Dickies’ full, non-core product line will remain available as well.
  • Two new service centers — Ontario, Calif., and Atlanta — now complement the company’s Fort Worth, Texas, distribution center.
  • There will be same-day shipping for Dickies Core Collection on orders placed before 10 a.m. Central; 24-hour shipping for core orders placed after 10 a.m. Central; and all non-core product orders will ship in 24-48 hours.

“We know from direct feedback that our customers want the power of the Dickies brand combined with the reassurance of product availability and a faster turnaround,” says Alex Smith, senior vice president for Dickies’ Occupational Wear division. “I’m pleased to say we can now offer our customers – and the entire industry – that and more.”

Sobel Westex: Tavolo Napery Line

Following the initial success of its napery line with key accounts across the nation, Sobel Westex is rolling the line out to its full range of customers, the company says.

Known as the Tavolo line, the collection of napkins and tablecloths includes Tavolo Bravo, which is 100% spun polyester; Tavolo Classico, a cotton/poly blend; and Tavolo Supremo, crafted from 100% cotton. Each collection is available with a Satina option – the addition of a satin band. Customers enjoy further customized options through specially made designs and jacquard patterns.

“Our napery line is more than just a collection, it’s a grouping of innovative products meeting all F&B needs, making it not only a simple purchase, but also an investment in a partnership of excellence,” says Walter Pelaez, CEO of Sobel Westex.

“The hallmark of the Tavolo lines is the durable construction that maintains its beauty and integrity, even after repeated washings,” says Judy Dannan, Sobel Westex VP, Corporate Sales. “Tavolo napery is soft to the touch, contains stain-resistant properties, and is a proven, durable product.”

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