Clean ’11 Product Debuts: Jensen USA, Gurtler Industries, UniMac


Jensen USA
Jensen recently launched the new Butterfly Fox for the feeding, folding, sorting and stacking of garments.


UniMac’s OPTidry over-dry prevention technology for dryers.

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LAS VEGAS — Companies often use the Clean Show to unveil new products or services to the industry. Here is a sampling reported to American Laundry News:

Jensen USA: Butterfly Fox Garment Folder

Jensen recently launched the new Butterfly Fox for the feeding, folding, sorting and stacking of garments.

In combination with the automatic Lobster system hanger, it is possible to automate the entire work process chain, Jensen says. With many options, the Fox can be configured to meet all requirements to perfectly fold heavy garments, microfiber textiles, overalls and bib overalls, the company adds.

The Butterfly Fox folds, sorts and stacks basically one’s entire professional wardrobe – in one hour, as many as 900 pieces can be processed. The Fox contains fewer moving parts in the new hanger-unloading unit, which facilitates constant high performance and offers the greatest availability.

Gurtler Industries: Vis•Tex Tunnel Water/Energy Saver System

In its unique position to evaluate how water, energy and chemistry interact in a tunnel washing system and how to achieve maximum optimization, Gurtler Industries has debuted the Vis•Tex Tunnel Water/Energy Saver System.

It redirects the press water to the rinse zone of the tunnel. Adjusting all flows throughout the tunnel optimizes water use/reuse. Gurtler claims water savings of 0.3-0.7 gallons per pound of processed textile have been achieved.
Energy to heat the water is conserved and reused, plus presses can run more efficiently, allowing for energy savings in the dryers. Combined savings are typically up to 400 Btu per pound of processed textile, the company says.

The system is available in Silver, Gold and Platinum versions. Each uses the same basic technology, but the Gold version incorporates an additional heat exchanger and the Platinum version adds a dual tank system to maximize energy savings and optimize quality.

UniMac: OPTidry Over-Dry Prevention Technology for Dryers

UniMac’s OPTidry over-dry prevention technology allows laundry managers to reduce labor, energy and linen replacement costs associated with over-drying, the company says.

Over-drying occurs when tumble dryers run longer than needed because they cannot detect when linen has reached its optimal dryness level or when staff uses incorrect cycles.

OPTidry connects sensors located within the lifters to UniMac’s rotary transfer switch to offer unmatched levels of accuracy, the company says. The result is a pinpoint dryness reading throughout the entire load, which allows the machine to automatically shut off once dryness levels have been reached.

This technology could help on-premises laundries save money on utilities cost, labor and linen replacement, UniMac says.

OPTidry will be available on UniMac tumblers ranging from 50 pounds to 170 pounds in capacity.

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