Atlas, Alliance Officially Become Clarus Linen Systems


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BUFFALO, N.Y. — Atlas Linen Healthcare Services and Alliance Laundry and Textile Services officially became Clarus Linen Systems Jan. 21.

The company, which provides linen management services to healthcare clients in six states from nine production facilities, selected the name Clarus from the latin word for “clear” to represent the quality of its reusable linen products and its commitment to providing clear thinking about efficient patient care, according to Clarus CEO John Giardino.

“We chose Clarus as our new name because it reflects our mission—clear thinking about services that enhance patient satisfaction delivered by a system that allows our clients to manage their costs efficiently,” explains Giardino.

But the company’s rebranding is more than just a name change, he adds.

“We want to partner with our healthcare clients to provide the best experience for patients and to manage costs for better financial results. By ‘Changing the Conversation,’ we can focus on patient comfort and explore new ways to manage care.”

A team of patient service representatives, each of whom is a certified registered nurse, and linen assets managers are dedicated to each client account. The asset managers track the use of all reusable linen products within hospitals and nursing homes to manage inventory and costs of patient-day needs.

Clarus uses a proprietary reporting system for its clients, and has introduced a 24-hour express service to respond to facility needs, the company says.

It provides linen management systems to healthcare institutions throughout the Northeastern and Southern United States. Winner of a 2013 Safe TRSA Innovator Award, Clarus has more than 1,200 employees serving markets in South Carolina, Georgia, eastern Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.


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