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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) has finalized plans for its 2010 Ehrlich-Stempler Executive Management Institute (EMI), its 44th edition, set for Aug. 8-13 at the University of Maryland University College.
EMI is a professional management development program for managers in all areas of textile care operations. It’s a formal education program that involves one week of management education a year for five years.
This year’s EMI will provide strategic knowledge in areas including:

  • Year I: Management Development — Time and Stress Management; Problem Solving; Conflict Management; Leadership Styles; Delegation; and Creative Thought.
    Kent Baker, a finance professor at American University and the dean of the EMI, will oversee instruction for first-year students.
  • Year II: Advanced Management — Effective Communication; Relationship Development and Team; Leadership and Characteristics of Effective Teams.
    Core instructor Jim Kroncke, a 30-year veteran management consultant, will help EMI students enhance their “emotional intelligence” and their ability to build collaborative work relationships.
  • Year III: Personal and Interpersonal Relationships — Self-Esteem and Personal/Interpersonal Relationships.
    Core instructor James Underwood, the senior consultant with Currier Consulting Group in Washington, D.C., specializes in management leadership development.
  • Year IV: Human Resources and Finance — Business Ethics – Essence of Leadership; Harassment: It’s Not Just About Sex Anymore; Financial Management.
    Newcomer Barbara Herman, senior business development manager for SanMar Corp., will work with veteran instructor Jerilyn Lee, regional human resource manager for UniFirst, on issues related to managing staff relations and financial oversight.
  • Year IV: Marketing and Customer Service — Customer Relationship Management; Marketing.
    Steve Kallenbach, a 30-year veteran of the commercial laundry industry, has developed and presented numerous programs to companies and associations on marketing and related issues. His co-instructor, Ron Evans—another laundry industry management veteran—travels 46 weeks a year giving seminars to companies on customer service and management training.

In addition to classroom instruction, EMI students and faculty will benefit from informal networking activities and a graduation ceremony.
For more information, contact Bill Mann at 877-770-9274,, or visit the association’s website.

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