Angelica Expands Use of Oxygen Bleach Sanitizer to All Service Centers

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ST. LOUIS — Angelica Corp. is expanding its use of Ecolab’s AdvaCare 120 sanitizer/sour to all of its service centers nationwide. Angelica is the first major healthcare laundry processor to implement the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered oxygen bleach sanitizer throughout its service centers, the company claims.
“Expanding this new wash process will elevate the standard of cleanliness in healthcare linen,” says Steve O’Hara, chief executive officer. “AdvaCare surpasses historical industry standards of ‘hygienically clean,’ achieving a 99.9% kill rate of selected pathogens through sanitization during the laundry process.”
Heightened public awareness of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and the exclusion of funding from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) for HAIs are leading healthcare providers to intensify their focus on HAI prevention, according to Angelica. The company’s efforts are intended to provide healthcare providers with additional protection against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other infections.
“The sanitizer is one component of Angelica’s overall green strategy, which also includes using nonphosphated and NPE-free alkali, conditioners and detergents; investing capital in more energy-efficient equipment and water-recycling systems; as well as many other actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions that were identified in a recently completed carbon footprint study of our operations,” says O’Hara. “Through our partnership with Ecolab, Angelica has the potential to further reduce water consumption, which in turn can lower energy requirements.
“Angelica’s strategy is ‘Delightful service through innovation.’ Recent innovations have focused on new products such as Angel Sliders to reduce nurse back injuries and Angel Kits to improve hospital cleanliness. Now, in partnership with Ecolab, we are leading innovation in our core wash process, allowing us to provide safe, high-quality products and services that healthcare providers and patients expect and deserve. This helps us become a better steward of the environment and aligns us with our customers’ own green strategy. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

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