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Alliant Systems Owner/President Retires, Company Sold

Jeff Belcher spent 37 years with company, sold to HRFH

IRVING, Texas — Route accounting and mobile computing software solutions provider Alliant Systems reports that owner and president Jeff Belcher has retired after 37 years with the company and predecessor organizations.

The company also reports its sale to HRFH (Herrera Rodriguez Family Holdings), a private Texas corporation owned by Mayron Herrera and Jhovanny Rodriguez. 

Under Belcher’s leadership, Alliant Systems says it has grown to become the largest supplier of route accounting and mobile computing software solutions to independent textile rental companies.

Belcher is proud to have developed a company culture focused on service, support and long-standing customer relationships.

“It has been a high honor and privilege to work for and serve as the owner of this special organization,” notes Belcher. “I will be forever grateful for my time in this industry and will never forget the long list of mentors, friends and associates that helped shape my career and Alliant Systems.

“This decision has been in process for over three years and I am confident it is in the best interest of our employees and our customers. I remain thankful for our past and look forward to a bright future as the company moves ahead.”

Alliant Systems will continue to operate under the same name as a wholly-owned subsidiary of HRFH, which also operates an IT services company (Synetek Solutions) and a cloud-based VoIP service (GreenLink Networks).

“I, along with others on the Alliant team, have enjoyed a long working relationship with Mayron for many years,” says Belcher. “Mayron is an excellent leader who I trust and respect. He possesses many years of experience in this industry working with Alliant Systems’ software.”

Under the ownership of HRFH, Alliant Systems will continue to provide software services and support to the independent textile rental market. Benefits for Alliant Systems’ employees and customers will be significant.

The company, directed by HRFH’s experienced management team, will enjoy access to additional resources including new development, service and marketing tools. 

“I’ve been part of the laundry industry for over 20 years and have been involved with Alliant Systems for a good portion of that time supporting mutual customers,” says Herrera.  “I’m excited to be part of Alliant’s future and to continue building on Jeff’s legacy. 

“I see lots of opportunities as we look to enhance Alliant’s capabilities by adding resources, providing guidance and staying true to the history of always putting the customer first.”

Belcher will remain with the company in an advisory capacity. Alliant’s existing management, service and development teams will remain in place and there are no plans to change the daily operations of the company. 

Alliant’s primary goal will continue to be servicing independent, textile rental customers. Events such as quarterly, educational webinars and Alliant’s annual customer conference will move forward as planned.

Alliant Systems Owner/President Retires, Company Sold

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