2017 China Laundry Expo Ready for Beijing


The 2017 China Laundry Expo will feature vendors from around the world. (Photo: Unifair Exhibition Service)

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Organizers say 750 booths to fill 161,000 square feet of space

BEIJING, China — The annual China International Laundry Industry Exhibition (known as China Laundry Expo) has become an important platform for the domestic and overseas laundry professionals to exchange ideas in the industry, says organizer Unifair Exhibition Service. 

China Laundry Expo 2017 is scheduled for Sept. 26-28 in the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, and is expected to reach more than 161,000 square feet with 750 booths. 

The 2016 Expo reached almost 130,000 square feet and attracted 278 domestic and overseas brands from more than 16 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more.

Brands that displayed equipment included Speed Queen, UniMac, Dow, Hoffman-New Yorker, Milnor, Chicago, ETECH, Multimatic, Hydro, Goldman and Secomatic from the United States; Sankosha, YAC, San-ai, Nihon Sealing and Yamamoto from Japan; Kannegiesser, Bufa and Kreussler from Germany; Andrew, Cole & Wilson and Micro-Fresh from the United Kingdom; Renzacci, Anghinetti & Camptel, Fenice and Ilsa from Italy; Unisec and Higiensec from Spain; Jensen from Denmark; and Sealion, Weishi, Sailstar, Castic, Little Duck, Shenguang, Osis, Yasen, Topoly Cliffton and Angelina etc. from mainland China, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Unifair says the Expo is supported by China’s National Ministry of Commerce and focuses on the most advanced and latest technology for cleaning and laundry; equipment; apparatus; laundry chemicals; leather conditioner; laundry franchise, design and construct for laundry plants; and other relevant services.

During the Expo, several other events are taking place, according to Unifair. The third China International Laundry Festival is an industry event held every four years that advocates energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy laundry. Other concurrent events include the 10th China National Laundry Professional Competence Contest, the fourth China International Laundry Industry Summit Forum, the fifth National Laundry Associations Joint Meeting and the China Laundry Industry Elite Exchange Evening Banquet.

In addition, Unifair says there will be new product releases and technical seminars.


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