TRSA Webinar: No Cell Phones: Best Route to Ending Distracted Driving

May 21

If one of your drivers is on the phone and gets into an accident, your company risks huge liability. Unless you have a policy that prohibits cell phone use in your vehicles, as recommended by the National Safety Council, a plaintiff can successfully argue that you expect your employees to use their phones while driving.

This webinar will explain the need for a no-cell-phone policy on the route and how it can be enforced through an effective balance of monitoring, safety training and trust in your team.

You’ll see how it can work through the use of DriveCam, a TRSA Business Solutions membership benefit program. This computer-based interactive instruction gauges each individual’s judgment, attitudes and performance; guides your coaching; and ensures improvement. Drivers’ performance is monitored with the DriveCam video event recorder that captures their driving behavior.

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1800 Diagonal Rd., Suite 200

Alexandria, Virginia

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Mary Beth Porter



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