TRSA Roger F. Cocivera Production Management Institute (PMI)

April 6 to April 10

 Roger F. Cocivera Production Management Institute (PMI)

Doubletree Hotel Dallas near the Galleria

April 6-10, 2014

PMI teaches the industry’s latest techniques in plant operations from soil sorting to load-out and increases participants’ management creativity. For any headquarters- and plnt-based staff looking for better understanding of textile services operations and merchandise control, PMI portrays industry-wide best practices, improves attendees’ insight into their own existing plant operations and increases effectiveness in evaluating production employee efficiency and performance.

PMI is a professional development program that combines traditional classroom instruction with web-based training to teach best practices in industrial-scale laundry plant operations.

The program begins with PMI-Production, four days of interactive classroom training on fundamental laundry production and operations, such as soil sort, wash aisle and finishing. During the next 12 months, students participate in a series of self-paced, online modules on important management topics such as communications, finance and leadership. The program concludes with PMI-Management, four days of interactive sessions that further refine participants’ production and laundry-specific management skills. Upon completion of the classroom and online training, students are tested and can earn the Certified Professional Laundry Manager (CPLM) certification, the baseline of knowledge for all graduates.

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1800 Diagonal Rd., Suite 200

Alexandria, Virginia

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Salita Jones



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