TRSA Green/Sustainability Summit

December 2 to December 3

TRSA Green/Sustainability Summit - Embassy Suites Tampa - USF/ Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL

Most textile services customers can choose inexpensive disposable equivalents of the industry’s reusable products. Smaller hospitals, hotels and universities can launder on their own. But millions of businesses including these opt for the added value that bigger laundries provide. TRSA’s Green/Sustainability Summit will guide industry-wide efforts to promote this value (including TRSA Clean Green certification) and explore new ways to provide it. Plus you’ll take home strategies and tactics you can apply to increase profitability and satisfy customers.540 841 1989

The program will highlight the industry’s innate conservation practices (less use of water, energy and other resources to meet customers’ needs) and expertise in purchasing and dispersing laundered items. This will give you ideas to increase your company’s bottom line in the short run and involve you in setting a long-run course to enhance professional textile services’ status as the greener, lower entire-cost alternative to disposables and smaller-scale laundering.

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1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 200

Alexandria, Virginia

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Salita Jones



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