TRSA Ehrlich-Stempler Executive Management Institute (EMI)

August 10 to August 14

TRSA Ehrlich-Stempler Executive Management Institute (EMI) - Marriott Inn & Conference Center – UMUC, Hyattsville, MD

Fast-changing business conditions require applying the latest management techniques to high priority tasks and long-term workplace challenges. EMI prepares managers for greater responsibility by teaching progressive employee and customer relations techniques and other emerging practices. They learn to communicate more effectively in increasingly multicultural work environments, handle heavier cost pressures to manage leaner, use group decision-making more effectively and monitor work team performance more closely.

EMI is the most heralded professional management development program in the industry’s history for managers in all areas of textile care operations. This program develops management and leadership skills by providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of successful management principles and practices relevant to textile services operations. This understanding improves both individual and business management performance.

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1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 200

Alexandria, Virginia

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Salita Jones



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