TRSA 32nd Annual Professional Management Institute (PMI)


Aug. 7-11

College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

Hyattsville, Maryland

TRSA 32nd Annual Professional Management Institute (PMI)

For 30+ years, the TRSA Annual Professional Management Institute (PMI) has helped new and experienced managers understand and incorporate production management principles and practices focusing core knowledge and skills development necessary to operate plants more efficiently and effectively. The program begins with four days of interactive classroom training.

Over the next 12 months, students participate in self-paced online modules and meet again for four more training days. Testing at this second session qualifies them for the Certified Professional Laundry Manager (CPLM) designation. Attendees emerge from PMI with advanced tactics for:

  • Personally impacting total business performance
  • Relating to colleagues in all company departments
  • Managing all players in plant workforce

PMI enhances and develops supervisory and management performance in textile services companies by:

  • Imparting thorough understanding of best practices in laundry operations
  • Enhancing supervisory and leadership skills

PMI prepares a promising person to increase her/his value to your company immediately through intensive formal education in plant operations—four consecutive days of classes—as well as informal exchange of ideas and experiences with other laundry operators from around the world.

PMI is about today. It’s how leaders in your business get a better perspective on what they do, day in and day out. They see where they fit into the industry. They learn about performance standards and techniques. They get the message they can grow personally and contribute more to what you do.

First-time PMI attendees receive instruction in topics identified collectively as PMI Production. During the next 12 months, in their everyday workplaces or homes, students participate in a series of self-paced, online modules on important management topics such as communications, finance and leadership. The program concludes with PMI Management, four days of interactive sessions that further refine participants’ production and laundry-specific management skills. Upon completion of the classroom and online training, students are tested and can earn the Certified Professional Laundry Manager (CPLM) designation, the baseline of knowledge for all graduates.


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