JYL-Tech Fabric Textile Linen RFID laundry Tag


JYL-Tech is only focus on RFID tags' R&D and mass production for DACH area, and some of RFID hardware. For recently 5 years, millions of RFID laundry tags have successful applied in Europe linen and laundry industries, we can deliver some samples for your evaluation. We are quite confident of the quality and durability of our RFID laundry tags, we also like to share experiences with you to satisfied your requirements for customize design, data printing and chip programming as well.

How STRONG they are ?

Are the RFID chips be damaged under high temperatures?
– Our RFID textile laundry tag are designed to be used at 200 °C.
How many times can we wash the tags that are attached to uniforms textile products?
– Our RFID textile laundry tag can be washed more than 200 times guaranteed for 2 years after shipping.
Are we going to spend prestigious uniforms textile products, continue to work in case of chip crush?
–We designed our textile laundry tag to withstand 60 bars of pressure in the process of pressing your textile products.
Where do you place RFID textile laundry tags on uniforms textiles?
– RFID textile laundry tag are installed according to the availability of the uniforms.

JYL-Tech can customize UHF Fabric Laundry TAG to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials. Contact us to learn more about JYL-Tech full line of solutions for UHF laundry Tags .

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