Assistant Laundry Manager

Assistant Laundry Manager

Assistant Laundry Operations Manager - Job Description


Responsible to the Operations Manager whose function is to aid in managing and directing production activities within the facility. Coordinates the production of goods, ensures machines are repaired and running smoothly, and manages workers on production line.

Primary responsibilities

  • Planning and controlling change.
  • Managing quality assurance programs.
  • Research new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency.
  • Setting and reviewing costs.
  • Set and meet production goals.
  • Hire, train, and supervise workers.
  • Correct problems on production line.
  • Maximize the production process to lower costs.
  • Change production levels and staffing on different product lines to maximize throughput.
  • Monitor product standards.
  • Oversee all areas of the entire plant and its operation.
  • Implement and oversee quality control programs.
  • Implement training programs.
  • Work with outside suppliers to increase quality.
  • Monitor payroll report as to maintain staffing levels through business cycles.
  • Manage communication lines with managers, suppliers.
  • Keep abreast of new technology that can be used in the production process.
  • Develop production schedules and duty assignments.
  • Ensure compliance with workplace safety programs.
  • Cross-train worker teams for maximum production flexibility.
  • Ensure compliance to all Federal, State, County and local permits and regulation.

Location of the item or position

4 John Walsh Blvd
Peekskill, NY 10566
United States

Ericalee Stewart


[email protected]


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