Huebsch Adds Empire Laundry Machinery to Distributor Network

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RIPON, Wis. — Commercial laundry equipment brand Huebsch reports that it recently added Rochester, N.Y.-based Empire Laundry Machinery to its distribution network in New York state.

The authorized distributor can now provide Huebsch commercial laundry equipment to on-premises laundries and Laundromats, according to Huebsch.

“By partnering with Huebsch, our customers now have the ability to benefit from the brand’s wide range of commercial equipment featuring easy-to-use controls,” says Gerry Hendershot, president and owner of Empire Laundry Machinery.

For on-premises laundries, Empire will offer Huebsch hard- and soft-mount washer-extractors with eBoost™ technology, made in capacities of 18 to 65 pounds, and commercial tumble dryers, with capacities from 25 to 175 pounds.


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