Eric Frederick

Just How Do You Define Linen Rental?

Eric Frederick |

I've noticed over the past several years that there isn't a consistent...

Example Distracts From Gist of Message

Eric Frederick |

August’s column (Industry Group Tackles Chore of Developing Best-...

Today's Laundry/Linen Manager Can't Rely on Experience Alone

Eric Frederick |

Having discussed the need to create laundry industry standards last...

Industry Group Tackles Chore of Developing Best-Practice Standards

Eric Frederick |

Thirty-three years ago, I applied for my first laundry job. I was fresh...

Summertime Heat Threatens Worker Morale, Productivity if Unchallenged

Eric Frederick |

Every summer, the mercury rises and laundry employees must adapt to...

Solving the 'Case of the Sunrise Stain Stumper'

Eric Frederick |

Several times a year, someone asks me about a poor-quality wash or...

Employing Immigrants Means Adapting to Cultural Differences

Eric Frederick |

During my managerial career, I have had the opportunity to work with a...

Handling of Reusable Barrier Linen Requires Keen Eye for Detail

Eric Frederick |

Having reviewed the advantages of a reusable barrier isolation gown...

Processing Reusables Well Can Boost Institutional Laundry's Standing

Eric Frederick |

I have been in the healthcare laundry business for more than 32 years...

Be Wary of Management Pitfalls as You Plan for Tomorrow

Eric Frederick |

Well, we’re off to a good start in a glorious new year. I realize that...

How Long Should You Stay In a Job?

Eric Frederick |

Over the past five years, I’ve had many discussions with fellow laundry...

Flow Rack, Touted for Productivity, Has Weaknesses

Eric Frederick |

Of all the equipment that a manager can purchase for his laundry, I...

Effective Communication Could Be Key to Enhancing Operations

Eric Frederick |

How important is your ability to communicate with your employees and...

Value of Large-Group Contract Still Depends on Manager

Eric Frederick |

Has the advent of large purchasing groups diminished the laundry manager...

Sharpen Senses to Detect Subtle Signs of Laundry in Distress

Eric Frederick |

One must be ready to use all of one’s senses in trying to head off an...

´Richest Man in Babylon´ Offers Money Management Advice

Eric Frederick |

Last year, I had more time available to read, so I endeavored to broaden...



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