Dexter Laundry Offers Flood-Damage Repair Tips, Special Financing to Aid Recovery

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FAIRFIELD, Iowa — To help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, the employee-owners of Dexter Laundry and Dexter Financial are available to on-premise laundries that have seen equipment damaged by flooding.

Dexter has posted flood-damage repair tips on its website, and is offering equipment damage analysis, priority technical support, and expedited replacement orders with special financing to those impacted by the storm.

Qualifying laundries in the Hurricane Sandy-affected areas of New York and New Jersey are eligible for up to six months of no payments, with no origination or documentation fees, along with a special allowance for installation and start-up costs. Customers wishing to pay off their loan after recovery from their insurer or other agency will face no prepayment penalties.

“The employee-owners at Dexter and Dexter Financial are very familiar with the long recovery period from such devastating damage,” says Kevin Hietpas, director of sales for Dexter Laundry. “During the summer of 2008, many areas of Iowa were damaged by historic flooding, so we are sensitive to owners who are rebuilding in the affected areas, and we are on hand for assistance as customers need us.”

Laundries needing assistance that call Dexter Financial (800-926-8230) or Dexter Laundry (800-524-2954) will be connected to authorized distributors serving the area for free equipment analysis and expedited assistance.


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